Your interest always comes first and our flexible production services are able to provide partial or holistic approach to help you achieve your objectives. Whether you have a gleam of inspiration and would like to leave the rest to us, or simply want to print a wax model, we are always here to help. We provide production advices and services from A-Z in jewellery making, including: creativity and hand drawing, 3D design and wax print, handcrafted wax, casting and finishing.


We work with a team of young, dynamic and talented jewellery designers who stress creativity and imagination in every piece of work. They are capable of offering creative ideas and turn them into hand sketches. If you are a retailer and would like to explore more design ideas and solutions, or to present beautiful and exclusive hand drawings to your clients, we will help to achieve your goals.


Our 3D design workshops have over 20 highly experienced CAD designers who can turn your hand sketches into high standard STL files, and then print them out as wax models directly if you like. For regular and non complicated designs, we will even have the file and wax model ready on the same day you send the sketch. Our management team will ensure all files are handled with extreme care and erased permanently once the project is finished.  


We take great pride in the world-class workmanships of our crafters. For complicated and delicate masterpieces, creating handcrafted wax models are crucial to guarantee ultimate perfection and precision of every detail.


* Stone-setting:

We pride our highly skilful and experienced stone-setters who strive to achieve excellence in every step. Even for the simplest stone-setting technique, such as claw setting and bezel setting, our apprentice would need to practice for a minimum of one year before “officially” making anything for a client. Only the most experienced stone-setters who remain committed to constantly achieve the highest level of craftsmanship standard would be selected for more advanced technique procedures, such as micro pave and invisible setting.

* Materials:

We are highly specialised in the making of jewellery of 18K/14Kgold, diamond, gemstone, and semi-precious gemstone. And we will not limit our imagination to that. Thanks to the highly advanced 3D printing technology and the skilful hands of our experienced workers, we are also capable of producing jewellery with other possible materials, for example, a beautiful complicated piece made of silver, brass or ceramic.  

* CNC jewellery:

Our selected factories never failed to impress us with supreme quality. With their high spindle rpm CNC machines which deliver ultra smooth cuttings, the finishings of jewellery are simply remarkable.

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