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Owning a workshop with world-class fine craftsmanship, HCStudio still outsources the majority of production, because we know each workshop and factory is unique and has its own legacy and strengths. Our management team has many years of experience working in the industry in mainland China. After working with nearly a hundred local workshops and factories, we screened out the most reliable and efficient players as our current ally. With this excellent portfolio of diverse workshops and factories, we are therefore able to facilitate you, other small and medium-sized jewellers and independent designers, to find the most suitable jewellery making solutions.

Starting as apprentices, most staff from our selected workshops and factories have over 20 years of experience in jewellery making. The average years working in the industry is 10!  They say practice makes perfect! We treasure their honesty and dedication  and strive to maintain long term and mutual beneficial relationships. We ensure they work in a safe, clean and professional environment in which their experience and hard work is valued. In return, we expect them to maintain high ethical standards in everything they do because integrity and honesty are extremely important in this industry. We developed an evaluating system to closely monitor our workshops and factories to maximise efficiency, quality and credibility. And we are constantly looking for competitive new workshops and factories to enhance our portfolio.


Shenzhen, where the company and most of our ally workshops and factories are located, is a coastal city in Southern China, adjoining Hong Kong. It is a first tier city with a population of 20 million and has number one GDP per capita in the country, before Beijing and Shanghai. It is known as the “silicon valley” and jewellery manufacturing hub in China and the world.

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