HCStudio is an International fine jewellery and fashion jewellery maker and wholesaler.  

Teaming up with over 30 carefully selected workshops and factories that produce world-class workmanship in various specialities, we help jewellers to strengthen product lines, increase profits, and enhance competitiveness. 1/3 of our factories work along with some of the world’s most reputable brands, some workshops produce exquisite and one of a kind pieces for talented independent designers, the rest are comprised of highly skillful, professional and hard working fellows.

We provide production advices and services from A-Z in jewellery making, including:

* creativity and hand drawing,

* 3D design and wax print,

* handmade wax,

* casting and finishing.

We are highly specialised in 18k/14k gold jewellery with natural diamonds and gemstones, or semi-precious gemstones.

Our flexible and efficient production solutions are highly beneficial to jewellers to improve their production quality, regardless the size of their businesses and the size of their order.

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